Sony A99 ISO6400 RAW files look spectacular....

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Re: Sony A99 ISO6400 RAW files look spectacular....

Allan Olesen wrote:

Noise is mainly caused by a lack of light, not by the actual ISO setting.

If you take a photo at ISO 3200 with no exposure compensation, and another photo at ISO 6400 with +1 EV exposure compensation, they will get the same amount of light and the same noise once they have been adjusted to the same light level in PP.

I'd say this works best when EV compensation results in exposing to the right. However since this image is underexposed, I'm thinking this wasn't the case here.

Though I do agree on the issue of having more light in a scene by stopping down. And though this may have been a possibility, I'd again lean on the fact that the scene was underexposed as an indicator that it was likely a legitimate setup.

That being said, there is one other ISO6400 images in the set without EV compensation showing the same amount of noise. And so I'm guessing that were looking at a legitimate noise performance examples in this case.

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