Why no Panorama option in GF or G Series?

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Re: I really have to disagree ...

Gato Amarillo wrote:

For Panasonic, sales is what it's all about, keeping up the profits. For photographers, the more they sell, the more they can put into research and development for better products. And the cheaper they can sell them.

Which is also what I write... Putting all these features in low end cameras might make sense since you can sell to a broader market than enthusiast cameras can. I know many people that do not want dials and buttons on their cameras, a single button for the shutter is fine, the camera should do the rest (Well, a few are needed... on/off button is acceptable, and so it zoom, though the "ring around the lens" design is obvisouly better and is adapted by many more even on small cameras.)

What I disagree with the OP on is that it is a needed feature for a camera, I see it is as I write, at best, a poor replacement for doing it right, at the same range as art-filters, iAuto and in camera HDR. And nothing I have seen in this argument gives me any reason to think any other way.

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