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Re: Go look at the dial

BAK wrote:

First of all, are you complaining about a response to you, or a response to some character who called my first response rubbish?


You had the opportunity to post an intelligent question, but chose instead to post one that made no sense.

It is really dumb, dumb, and almost dumb questions that drive good responders away from the forum.

We spend time looking at all or most postings, just to see if we can be helpful.

That takes our time. You wasted it.

Anyone with a 7D should first of all know the answer, and second of all provide some indication of what they think a portrait is, as they intend to create them, if there is some particular weirdness in your plans.

Except it doesn't matter what camera it is, in the world of Digital Single Lens Reflex  cameras.

A good lens, and you already should know a 7D would take any Canon lens, a shutter with various speeds, a diaphram with variable apertures, and a built-in meter is all anyone needs to take excellent portraits.

As long as they add some talent.

SO WHAT'S WRIONG WITH A BAD QUESTION, sucgh as your original, you might asl.

It makes other people think that the bundles of $2000- $5000 worth of hardware is really important, and it takes their attention away from what matters.

Insight matters.

Vision matters

Seeing the light matters

Being a viewer's proxy matters

Presantation of the image matters

Preparation of the subject matters

And there is no little head icon on the dial.

You raise an interesting question about whether or not a nonsensical question or statement should be responded to in a public forum by those us us who actually know stuff.

Or do we just let these questions slide by, to be responded too by people who don't really know that much, but love fuzzy backgrounds and cross points?

Now I will go walk the dog.


I was responding to you.

If you felt this question was beneath you or not clear, you have the option to just go on to the next question. There were a number of people who had helpful things to say. Your comments were not necessary. It would have taken you much less time to simply click the "next" link and see the next posting than the time you spent typing in an answer that was not helpful or respectful.

When someone has an honest desire to learn, it is my opinion no question is a stupid one. Could I have worded my question differently or better? Possibly. If you feel a question doesn't make sense, ask for it to be clarified.

As to the comment on searching the forums before posting, I did try this. I read lots of information about the camera not only on this site but on others as well. Because there is so much information out there, it is difficult to find it among all the noise of unrelated postings. If you feel this has been answered before, then give advice on how to find it so I can learn to weed out all the info I don't want. My desire is to learn, not frustrate others or waste their time.  You had an opportunity to help us both.

At the time I asked this question, I did not have a 7d. I was trying to finalize a big decision for me as to what was the right camera to buy as I have limited funds to spend on gear and in the position that I had to change becuase the shutter button on my current camera is broken. I don't get a chance to buy new gear often, and I wanted to make the most of it.

There is one point I will agree with you on. It is not the gear that makes a good photograph, but the photographer.

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