Time to ditch the DSLR?

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Re: Here's a question..

well no  - actually I have 5 lenses I think for my Canon gear - but I use them all regularly. They go from 16 up to 200mm all 2.8 and all L. They are not redundant at all.

I think earlier in this thread it was established that I can shoot the same sort of work on my M system.

I currently have an M9 and three lenses. I think I'd be able to get at least a new M and one lens by selling the canon kit - but this isn't the point either.

In the field of photography that I work in  - live events and PR there's a lot of fierce competiton. I know the kit doesn't make the photographer but the Leica gear and the 'look' it gives is most certainly differernt to the look of Canon and othe DSLR's.. I dont think that is debatable.

In the back of my mind- in every shot I take is 'whats my USP here.. whats the differentiator that is going to get me a re-commission or more work'. Yes - it's many things - but I see my kit as a way that helps me generate the perfect shot.

Only time will tell if the new M is a big enough jump from the M9. I NEED to be able to shoot in hight iso - cleanly - at least 3200 with a fast enough shutter to freeze a small amount of action. The fact I also shoot video - and have resisted kitting out my 5DII because I didn't want to invest in an already dated system.. may pave the way nicely for some gorgeous video on the M.. we shall see.. but until then it's a waiting (and saving up some money) game.. I am waiting on the tests.

To summarise - my hobby is my job and I am blessed this is the case. I love photography and I love getting paid for it - as well as doing it for pleasure. I'd like to marry the 2 together more, so when I'm working it's less functional and more creative, less robotic and more thoughtful. I find when I shoot with the M9 my photos are more thoughtful, I get a kick when I nail the focus and exposure etc.. I dont get this kick from flicking dials and wheels in a semi-automated robotic way as if i'm riding a bike or driving a car.. I just feel I'm going through routines of 'twiddling dials'. I know what they all do - even the custom settings - but I dont get the same pleasure out of shooting as I do with the M9.

Make sense?

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