Trouble with fall leaf colors

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Re: Trouble with fall leaf colors

cxsparc wrote:

Just retried, RAW in PS CS5, sRGB (like Monitor).

I have the Huelight color profile as default. The output with this profile closely matches what the OOC JPG.

I then changed to Adobe Standard profile, pushed exposure by 0.5 EV and now it looks much better.

So the OOC JPG has a tendency to red (which helps with skin rendition).

To those who had a go at the RAW file: When you open the embedded low-res JPG picture from the Raw file, you should see the reddish tint. Otherwise I'd doubt the color balance of your monitor

Nice! =;-)

I think the issue is not so much the RAW to JPG converter, but more likely the AWB? Did you shoot with AWB?

Indoors the NEX-es are known to shift hue to the yellow.

Your subject might have been recognized by the camera as a sunset and therefore it might have pushed the WB into the reds.

Perhaps you can try to set the WB from AWB to Daylight and retry. That could give you more expected colors in your final JPG.

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