5N or 6 or both or neither? Argh!

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Re: 5R, Argh!

Cy Cheze wrote:

You left out an option in your agonizing puzzle.

Does the audio of video shot with your 5N exhibit any "clicking" sound of you tilt the camera slightly from one angle to another, as when walking and holding it a bit in front of you? Try this in a quiet place. If you hear clicking, it means Sony never fixed the orientation sensor so that it would not knock against the side of its chamber when the camera tilts or wobbles when handled. My hunch was that Sony would not bother with a recall, or revise the assembly, if many buyers don't notice the problem. Some did, and for a while Sony offered them a free "lube job" to mute the clicks. Whether that service is still available or not, I don't know, but perhaps your market's Sony service site or phone center might confirm.

i got the 5n a few days ago and its absolutely silent when tilting, wobbling or panning, even violently.

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