S100/110 vs G12/G15

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Re: S100/110 vs G12/G15

I've come to accept that as the price of the small size of the S100. When I can't see detail on the screen, I look at the subject and see what objects I want in the photo and about where I want them. Then I can see shapes well enough on the screen to compose the shot. I didn't really think about this; it just seemed to happen naturally as I needed it. I find it works pretty well for shooting blind

Most fun is shooting a group of people with the sun behind me and on the screen. I compose the shape of the group of people on the screen, then hold the camera still (hopefully) and look at the people directly, pressing the shutter button when they're all looking good. What fun...

taramisty wrote:

I have just spent 2 weeks in Sicily with the S100. Am seriously considering the G15 purely for the optical viewfinder. How do others cope in sunlight? I've changed the brightness etc but I'm still shooting blind at times...

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