Trouble with fall leaf colors

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Re: Trouble with fall leaf colors

A-hah! Your custom color profile appears to have been the main culprit.

As for the embedded jpeg in the raw file, well I don't know how to access that. But I believe the image for the ARW file that shows up in Bridge is using the embedded jpeg, right? If so, then the embedded jpeg is not showing the same redness that was in the first image you posted in this thread.  Maybe you are seeing it because your custom Huelight profile is impacting everything throughout your workflow? Including embedded jpegs? If you specify a specific color profile in Adobe CS I believe it will carry over to all components of the suite.

In terms of a red tint, the embedded jpeg in my Bridge shows up somewhere in between the first image you posted and the adjusted one. Since you shot that with an exposure compensation of -0.70, and since bumping up exposure in ACR removes some of this redness, it appears then that there were two things at work here:

  1. Your custom color profile (Huelight)
  2. Underexposure which accentuated the darker hues/reds in your image

This is what resulted in the first image you posted in this thread.

Bottom line is that there is nothing wrong with your camera (or NEX cameras) in regards to fall foliage, which is good to know.

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cxsparc wrote:

Just retried, RAW in PS CS5, sRGB (like Monitor).

I have the Huelight color profile as default. The output with this profile closely matches what the OOC JPG.

I then changed to Adobe Standard profile, pushed exposure by 0.5 EV and now it looks much better.

So the OOC JPG has a tendency to red (which helps with skin rendition).

To those who had a go at the RAW file: When you open the embedded low-res JPG picture from the Raw file, you should see the reddish tint. Otherwise I'd doubt the color balance of your monitor

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