Pros and Cons of the GF1?

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Re: Pros and Cons of the GF1?

I bought the GF1 used on eBay with the 14-45 and the 20 and the LVF1 viewfinder.  I really liked the camera a lot.  The 14-45 is a good lens, but I use primes more.  I sold the GF1 to get a GX1 once the price dropped.  A few comments:

1.  If you think you might want to eventually get an add-on electronic viewfinder, the one made for the GF1 (the LVF1) is not very good in my opinion (I sold the one that came with my eBay camera because I didn't find it worth using), while the higher resolution LVF2 for the GX1 is terrific.  That alone is a big reason to get the GX1, unless you are sure you will be satisfied with just using the LCD.

2.  The GX1 in general is a better camera in many respects than the GF1, and you can get the GX1 new on B-H with the 14-42 lens for $470, and as a package you can also get $75 off many lenses, including the 20mm prime, and $50 off of Adobe Lightroom, which makes working with RAW images so easy.  You could always sell that GX1 used for significantly more than the GF1.

I don't know what the price is on the used GF1 or what your budget is.  If the price is low enough, or your budget is tight enough, that the used GF1 looks like a better deal to you than a new GX1, then I'd say go for it.

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