Information on my Epson 3880 ink consumption; couple questions

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Re: Information on my Epson 3880 ink consumption; couple questions

John Little wrote:

You can adjust the size of the bleed: in the main tab of the printer's dialog, after you have checked borderless, an Expension button should appear. Click on that and try reducing the bleed size.

You could also mirror the edge in Photoshop, Lightroom, or whatever software you use for printing. A printing program like QImage will do this for you more automatically.

Just curious: What does "mirror the edge" mean?

In PS, you would expand the canvas by say 1/4" all round, then copy 1/4 inch of the edge of the image and paste it (mirrowed) onto the blank canvas. There are other ways, such as simply cloning the 1/4" onto the blank canvas.

It is frequently done for creating canvas/gallery wraps, where you need even more edge material, and that edge material isn't that relevant to viewing the image.

(And i misspoke, it can't be done in LR).

Brian A

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