How few lenses is enough to switch systems

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Re: How few lenses is enough to switch systems

DSHAPK wrote:

I don't know about the use of the word many. I haven't come across any studies that showed the percentage of picture takers switching with every camera introduction.

In fact now that I know the 6d is coming down the pike, I definitely will NOT be switching to Nikon.

I was referring to a 5 year period where Nikon was falling short of Canon in many ways (2002-2007).  Because of these reasons Nikon lost alot of market share to Canon.

Nikon had no FF cameras

Nikon had poor high ISO compared to Canon.

The pro workhorse D2h was a joke compared to the 1D2.

Nikon lacked many lenses compared to Canon and were generally higher priced.

Since 2008 Nikon has been moving like gangbusters, but back in this period Canon was more attractive in almost every way.  These days it's a wash on lenses for the most part and Nikon is arguably producing the better camera bodies at the high end.

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