Where's the D4 review?

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Re: D4 review is unnecessary?

JC1306 wrote:

Jim Keye wrote:

I don't mean to be rude, but you either know what you're getting for 6 grand, or you over-buying. And really, what's the alternative? Are going to buy the D3.5?

But it's very difficult to know that if you don't have access to a D4 to test it. So, you read reviews. I don't take them for gospel but you can determine patterns from them. And assuming you meant to type "D3s" - I already have one. If I find a D4 review I check if the reviewer has also tested the D3s. I can then compare that test to my own experiences with the D3s so I'll know how credible the reviews are.

Actually, I meant that there is no body between the D3s and the D4. So if you're needing a new body, there isn't really an alternative, is there? However, if you "want" a new body, the choices get a little more interesting, but still not really. There is only one nikon body with the frame rates and grip of the D4. A used D3s is an alternative if you /need/ a new body--maybe they're still available new somewhere--but a D800 isn't going to hack it for some things.

And, you can buy a camera for 6K, put a few hundred frames on it, and sell it for probably 5.5K. Even if you couldn't get that much, you'd never be risking anything close 6K. Question: Are you up for testing it yourself?

5.5K? Maybe in the USA but over here you lose at least 10% of the value as soon as you open the box and another 20% if you actually use the camera. One of the reasons I'm able to spend a fair amount of money on my hobby is because I don't spend it lightly. Taking a 30% loss just to test a camera isn't a smart thing to do IMHO.

Fair enough. But let me flip it around: Do you "need" a D4? If so, why? What does it solve that your current body doesn't? Or what areas do you fear that it falls short in?

Here's what we know: Assuming the AF doesn't have issues--and there were some rumors about that, separate from the D800 mess--is there any reason to think the AF is worse? No, by all accounts it should be better. Image quality? More resolution and great IQ. Added video. Same great viewfinder, etc. Did they throw in sensor cleaning too, I think?

We know that some buttons got moved around. If you're shooting with two different bodies at once, that may be an issue. We know the battery is smaller than the D3s, though apparently how much smaller depends a little on how you're using the camera. What about the screen/LCD tint issues? Has that been resolved or is that just the way it's going to be? I don't know the answer to that.

But I come back to the same question: what do you fear is lacking in the D4? Or what are your needs that you hope the D4 is going to help you meet? The AF is the only thing that I would have questions or concerns about. I suggest trying to find/contact some pros and get their opinions/experiences. Short of their being an actual problem with it--DPReview or some other site might notice if they have an afflicted body--I think the only substantial, helpful answer you're going to find is going to come from someone who uses the body all the time, and has experience with previous bodies. If there were consistent issues I would think we'd see it arising on forums--crowd-sourcing is good for one thing, at least. I haven't paid enough attention in recent months to see if there were consistent complaints. Perhaps you have been and may have noticed some threads. Do you have specific concerns regarding the D4?

The D4 is the iPhone 5. It's a nice upgrade but it's not earth-shattering. It's a no-brainer if you have to upgrade your body because of usage/age, etc. But it's not so sexy that you absolutely just have to run out there and get it if you already have, say, a D3s.

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