Michael Reichmann's review of the DP1M is up...

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SPP is perfect for me. Adobe and other support is overrated.

SPP is perfect for me. It gives you a fantastically detailed image and Foveon look in the way Sigma demands for their cameras. I can only see a company like Adobe ruining that look with what they think a zeroed out image should look like.

Besides, there is very little about Lightroom that I find impressive. In fact, I think it is grossly overrated and often very irritating and difficult to use. It over complicates simple things and makes too simple other things that are more complex. It's a poorly designed editor obviously more designed to justify its existence rather than helping the photographer actually do things easily and quickly.

Just use SPP and then edit in any image editor if you wish to do more and then use something specifically designed for managing images that doesn't require the very irritating import only option.

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