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Turn a knob or add ND filter(s) - what do you prefer?

If you already have strobes which you need to adjust lower than they are made to go, you must find a workaround to the problem. In that case, the ND filter is less economical than gobos, but apart from that both solutions will work of course.

What I'm trying to say is that it is easier to adjust the power by turning a knob on your flash than it is to use filters or gobos or whatever. When someone has no strobes yet and wants to know what to look for, I think it is appropriate to give that advice.

I have not got a thorough knowledge of the US market, so maybe I am totally mistaken, but it seems to me, the makers of professional lights will remove so many features from their amateur/consumer products to distiguish them from their professional lines, that most people are better off with products that have the features they really need, rather than a crippled product, designed (but hardly made) in Switzerland.

In my eye, three things are very important features for strobes to be used by an amateur who wants to venture into the world of studio flash:

  1. a big power adjustment range
  2. a solid industry standard mount for speedrings and modifiers
  3. - when those two demands have been met, there is money to be saved by choosing lights with a max output power which is enough to light your subjects adequately, but not necessarily nuke them to planet 255,255,255 at f/16.

I was not aware of these things when I bought my strobes, but luckily the guy at the shop told me about it. I think it is only fair to share that experience with others.

Of course this should be modified and weighted against individual needs, but as input in a buying process, I still think it is valuable information.

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