Any SX40-SX50 comparison opinions yet?

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Re: Info on shot-to-shot speed would be greatly appreciated.

BobT wrote:

A couple of months ago I ask a question as to which settings would enable me to have the quickest shot to shot speeds on my SX40.  I'm sorry to say, I can't recall what settings I changed to acheive this.  However, when I think back, I don't recall ever having this current focusing issue prior to when I made those setting changes.  Probably just a coincidence?  The fact remains that I still get the focus box to change to green and hear the audible "beep"; both signs that the image should be locked into focus.......even when it's not.

Just a short time ago, I tried to take a picture of a Blue Jay, and the mis-focus happened again....randomly; as other similar shots were fine.

Bob -- Perhaps you should reset everything to the factory defaults and start over. There's an option on the menu to do that -- it's the last item on the "change camera settings" menu (the middle menu with the wrench and hammer icon).

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