New forum classification ... Wanted sense of humor?

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Re: New forum classification ... Wanted sense of humor?

Alejandro Daz del Ro Fery wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

There should have been a Consumer FX SLR Talk forum, but it would only have the D600 in it. Perhaps they will split the FX forum when there are more consumer models.

Good idea, but I think the only DSRLs are with Pro or Amateur Philosophy, not by DX or FX, even any FX is DX too.

A D4 a owner is more like that one of us with a D300s than other with a D600.

There is one other slight rub, which is that there aren't that many pros here, and less every day. I think there are many reason for that--maturation of the technology and familiarity with digital already, a wider spread and availability of information out there in other places, the way the forums have been managed/moderated, etc. While the notion that D600 users don't have much in common with D4 owners seems correct, it also seems there is a lot more in common with the average D800, D600 and sometimes even D4 users posting here than the bodies--or their target markets--would suggest. And many of the D300/D7000 users know more than many of the D800/600 posters. Kind of hard to organize them.

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