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Ian, Dlanor, Richard R

Ian Wyatt wrote:

Just wondering what happened to this challenge?????


The challenge has fizzled to little (but some) participation.

Just as new members started participating other who participated a gave good support for  a long time seemed to drop out. Now the participation is so low that the vote does not even decide the "Top Picked Image". Most OTF Folks seem to have a lot of apathy in regards to sharing their images in such a way or even responding with comments to those who do enter imaging. I like the challenges and have learned a lot from them that has helped me with my own imaging.

I am busy with my construction business at this time and I personally have taken my imaging in a different direction with an attempt at selling it. The initial results of this attempt are encouraging as I am selling some and have had some accepted into galleries. I have even had folks come looking for me at home to make purchases of matted and framed images and they knew which one they wanted when they came. With that my confidence is now at a good place. Even at small and short (4-5 hours) Saturday Markets I sometimes am able to gross a couple of hundred bucks and I now believe that if I get exposure of my work ... it will sell.

The three of you (Ian, Dlanor, Richard R) and I were in a tie in the last challenge. If any of you would like to pick a theme for another Challenge please contact me (Theme and description) and I will send you a password to enter some examples into the "Thumbs Galley" and set up a Challenge Gallery.

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