What "IF" no D300 replacement? What next?

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Re: What "IF" no D300 replacement? What next?

I asked in the beginning of 2010 year one of the local Nikon rep when will come D400.

He answered: "D400 will appear very, very late, I do not know it exactly, but my tip is February 2013." I did not believe him, three years seemed to be unbelievable long time. But now I know - he was exact right.

I believe the propability of D400 next year is 90%.  But the question here is what to do if not.

I have DX 10-24, DX 16-85 VR, DX 17-55/2.8, DX 35/1.8,  DX 55-300 VR, FX 85/1.8 and FX (but better for DX) 70-200/2.8 VR I.   I am not pro and NO WAY OUT FROM NIKON DX TO ME.

What can I do?

1. Use D300 long time, I have it 5 years and I can continue next 2-5 years

2. After long time I will buy:

- the best DX body, but not worse than D7x00,

- or FX body for DX crop

Both possibilities are not optimal - FX body has only 0.70x viewfinder magnification for DX crop and D7x00 has worse ergonomy, worse handgrip, not solid AF, ....

3. I can switch to another system include another company only in the time I will feel all my DX lenses are merited, obsolete, scuffed.  I will not sell my pretty lenses for low price.

Now I do not have alternative I must wait for the new situation after 2-5 years, because:

I do not need and want FX equipment.

I do not believe Canon that the Canon APS-C destiny will be much better than Nikon DX destiny.

I do not believe Pentax can ever have Nikon power, Nikon AF force and Nikon quality of lenses.

I do not like any Sony strategy and their products and I consider many Sony lenses as bad and only very few of them are perfect (some Minolta inheritance)

I do not believe Olympus and Panasonic m43, but I must admit they make very intensive development.

But .... I love optical viewfinder, no EVF. I love phase detection AF and I have unfailing equipment now.

I would not like the descision making:  Nikon FX classic DSLR, but heavy and very expensive OR Olympus (Panasonic) m43 with EVF, small sensor, not-Nikkor lenses.....

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