My first evening with the XE-1

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Re: My first evening with the XE-1

Tom_A wrote:

Dear all,

Yesterday  I bought the "limited hong kong special pack" consisting of XE-1 and the 35mm lens.

In essence 900 of these packs were made available in Hong Kong, and they sold out in a few days. I have one of the last packs I could find, in fact the last one I could find with a black body.

The price of this kit was 9990 hong kong dollar.

i made a few outside shots with it yesterday evening. Lens wide open, camera set to 1600 iso. Beautiful results! The high iso is indeed very nice, lens is very good, very sharp, nice bokeh. Focus is quick enough for most use though some may disagree with me.. I still need to apply the firmware patch to the lens, I am not sure what that will change.

the camera handles deliciously like an old fashioned film camera, not like a computer.

the evf gives a similar image as the nex 7, hence pretty acceptable. But it has a bit of lag, not that much but most noticeable during panning. I also expect that this brief lag will sometimes cause a missed shot. The focus is reasonably quick but if the evf gives a bit of delay then you can still miss the shot. hence in this context using the x1pro with its optical vf, or a classic dslr have a speed advantage. So far, this is the only real minus point I encountered with the camera, but the total experience is still very satisfactory.

i have not yet been able to try video or higher iso.

as an initial conclusion, this camera seems like a good replacement for my ageing D200 which is nice but so heavy, and reunites me with Fuji from which I already have (and love) the GA645 medium format camera.

it is definitely a fun camera to use, and capable of very nice pictures indeed.

Glad you are enjoying the XE-1.  You mentioned there is a price drop in HK for the Xpro1, what price is it at now?  Any idea when the zoom kit will be available with the XE-1?  Any word on the matching hand grip?

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