DP1M and DP2M Paradox

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Andrew Hodgkinson
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Re: DP1M and DP2M quandary

Usee wrote:

Well, You seem to be the hero...

...no need to use the display,
...no need to keep the camera ON, whilst waiting for the right moment,
...stabilizing and framing in less than a second and every shot a hit!

(Replying rather late)

I see the smileys, but thing is, I didn't say that at all. Minimum brightness on the LCD doesn't seem to make much difference; if the sun shines on the screen, then at full or minimum brightness you really can't see it very clearly. Otherwise at minimum brightness it seems just fine to me. Of course YMMV.

I didn't say anything about shooting in less than a second or not keeping the camera turned on. The only thing I've turned off entirely is the auto review of the photo after it is taken - this feature is pretty useless because it just shows you the JPEG version of the picture. That often bears little resemblance to something you'd get from an X3F file via SPP, especially if you're shooting with EV +0.7 (or thereabouts) to improve shadow performance.

That said, I do have a habit of turning the camera off after most shots, just a reflex action almost as I've done that with every camera I've owned. The DP2m starts up quickly. Even so, if you do (say) street photography where quick, candid shots can be important then it would be a problem - but given the DP2m's generally slow performance, especially for focusing, you've probably bought the wrong camera. Or just leave it on and take a battery hit when doing that kind of work.

Seriously - the batterie issue could and should be improved

I never argued otherwise. A battery life under around 200-250 shots seems to be generally considered awful on any other camera. Clearly the DP2m battery life is, frankly, tragic. All I've said is that some of the figures quoted seem absurdly low - 50-60 shots per charge is less than half I seem to be getting. So, I have to wonder what's going on here; manufacturing variations with some cameras using more charge than others, bad batteries, or usage patterns.

If we can collectively work out the best ways to maximise battery life then all DPm owners will be able to get more from their cameras. No need to get all brand defensive, or label people brand apologisers - it's just an inanimate lump of consumer electronics!

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