dpreview D600 vs D800 vs 5d3 noise test

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Re: dpreview D600 vs D800 vs 5d3 noise test

phiri wrote:

I think what confuses people with DxO Mark is the scores.This is what makes some dismiss the DxO tests. For those more interested, the interesting thing is the graphs/measurements because that is what tells you how the camera sensor is behaving and how best you maximise its use.

COULD be true, but I still prefer to see the results in real world photographs. (As a photographer NOT an engineer)

>  Comparisons in Jpeg are no good compative indicators because each camera maker sets different >difaults. In raw, there is somehow level ground even though there are still differences in >rendering.

As long as you use the raw converter optimized for that camera (ie the manufacturers raw converter)

>Nikon is conservative with its jpeg engine but one can get any kind of output that one desires. If >one desires oversharpenend, contrasty, saturated and heavily processed noise reduction pictures, >all these can one set in a heart beat

So is this what you say the 5d3 files look like?? If so, look again...

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