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Ben Herrmann wrote:

I too once had the G9 - a very lovely camera.  In fact, I was an avid Canon G user, having had all the models beginning all the way back to the G1.

Having said that, you are going to lose long zoom reach by updating to the likes of the XZ-1, but you will gain in the IQ department - in particular with that gorgeous Zuiko lens which has characteristics and clarity levels that you'd typically find in DSLR's.

And now is the best time to get that XZ-1, while the availability is still there and prices are dropping.

I really hated to sell that G9, but I had accumulated entirely too many cameras - but it was a superb performer, albeit in JPG format only.  With the XZ-1 you will find a superb IQ level - but to be honest, only if you shoot in RAW mode.  Why?  The NR is entirely too high in the JPG mode and this results in the "water color" effect.  The colors are absolutely superb - but that high end clarity can only truly be achieved through the use of RAW.  I thought it was important to tell you about this.

I'd also look at the Canon G12 (which I currently have - along with the XZ-1) because it is a major step up from the G9 and has RAW capabilities (plus articulating LCD).  If you're really looking for a good zoom range (i.e. 28-200), then I strongly suggest the Nikon P7100 also, as it's price is down to around $300 USD or so (and will be dropping now that the P7700 is out).

But you have lots of choices out there - that's for sure.  The XZ-1, Canon G12, and Nikon P7100 - all would put a smile on your face.

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Have a great one....
Ben Herrmann

The reason I'd discounted the G12 was that I couldn't see much benefit over the XZ-1 or X10. Granted, they have a slightly longer zoom and are certainly better than the XZ-1 at higher ISOs but they also have much slower lenses, meaning that high ISO advantage is negated most of the time. I guess this also follows for the Nikon, though it does have a much longer reach which is quite tempting given my usage of the G9. Still have worries how it would cope in low light given the limited apertures though.

Anyway, I'm off to look at the XZ-1 and X10 but I will have a good look at the G12, Nikon 7100 and possibly the LX5 whilst I'm there.

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