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Re: Canon G9 replacement

GeraldW wrote:

Given the time difference (you're in the UK?) this may come too late.

I've had quite a few of the G series (G5, 6, 7, 9, 11, & 12, and a Pro 1) and currently am using a G11 which I prefer over the G12 - and I'm not sure I can fully explain why!

The G7 and G9 probably had the best lens of the bunch and for fine detail, the G9 will match the G10.  I like and use the G11's articulated LCD; and I find the G11 optical finder to be better aimed than the G7 & G9's which is flawed in the design.

I use the flip out LCD for stealthy shots.  With the LCD flipped out and turned to face upward, it's quite easy to shoot from waist level without appearing to do so.  Great for street photography, candids, and shots of people not wanting to be photographed.  Also nice for over-the-crowd and ground level shots.

I shoot nearly all JPEG's, and have found noticeable differences in the factory default settings on these cameras.  The G11 being noticeably softer than the G12 and needing +2 steps of in-camera sharpening to get best results.  The nearly identical G12 only needs +1 and shows sharpening artifacts at +2.  Not a fault with the camera - just somebody's idea of what the default should be on this year's model.

The G11 (and the 12) do very well at higher ISO and will deliver sharp looking letter size prints at ISO 1600, and is usable at 3200 for smaller prints.  If you use RAW, a well matched converter, and some noise reduction software, you can do better.

A faster lens would be nice; but for the money, a clean used G11 ought to do well for you, and should be in your price range.

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The reason I'd discounted the G11 and G12 was that I couldn't see much benefit over the XZ-1 or X10. Granted, they have a slightly longer zoom and are certainly better than the XZ-1 at higher ISOs but they also have much slower lenses, meaning that high ISO advantage is negated most of the time.

Anyway, I'm off to look at the XZ-1 and X10 but I will have a good look at the G12, Nikon 7100 and possibly the LX5 whilst I'm there.

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