Elinchrom Quadra RX questions

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Re: Elinchrom Quadra RX questions

azoele wrote:

Dear all,

I am a complete beginner in lighting, and willing to begin to shoot with light modifiers, last week I bought at a Quadra RX kit (the S version). The kit includes 2 Quadra flashes, 2 batteries, a radio controller, and a large output controller (don't know the name... but you attach the battery to it, and the flashes get power and settings through it).

I knew /zilch/ of such lights (only used briefly studio strobes), but the dealer... "got me". I wanted a powerful kit to shoot outside, and now, I feel like I made an expensive mistake:

Do some research and reading on the subject, Google is your friend

* the flashes only sync to 1/200s. I wished to use them outside, so were hoping they could sync at high speed, but alas, even trying 1/250s (which the D3s supports natively) I get a dreaded black band on the bottom of the frame.
Is there a way to sync higher?

The sync speed is governed by the camera not the flashes. The only way I know of to get faster sync speeds is with the Pocket Wizard Flex 5 TTL with HyperSync but you lose some power.

Read here  http://tombolphoto.com/blog/elinchrom-quadra-high-speed-sync-at-12500/

* also, noticed that you can't use the two flashes separately, unless you have a second (I presume very expensive) controller... so did I buy basically a "spare" flash?

Pretty much a given fact that two controllers would be needed to shoot separately with two heads.

The power ratio with two heads plugged in is  2 : 1 ratio, a standard setting for portraiture.

* lastly: I read here on the forums Elinchrom is revamping its line: have I really bought at the /worst/ possible time, eh?

Not really

I am usually /not/ this naive, but I had woken up at 3' to go to a foto market, so was a little dumbed, and when I saw the stand full of Elinchrom equipment, I lost my mind (had been desiring a lighting kit for some time).Somebody got before me the last BX500Ri set, so had to make do with a small dLite for the house, and I grabbed the Quadra set before they all vanished (they did briefly after).

So, apart from the obvious "Did I make the mistake of the century" question, is there a way the flashes can be used at higher sync speeds? I dreamt of using them for outside portraits, shooting at F2-F2 instead of the F16 I think I'll need at iso200 in full sun...

Thanks all for your help!


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