Why does Canon not have an EF 60mm macro?

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Do you need 1:1?

4thnebula wrote:

I have always found this to be a strange situation.  For copy work (which for me takes a "normal sized lens" which means a 60mm macro) I find the lack of a FF 60mm lens to be a very odd missing in the Canon EF lens lineup.  Canon has been around a long time and the number of EF lenses is very large.  However, no normal sized macro.  I don't consider the 50mm f2.5 a true macro.  In addition, it is a pretty average IQ quality lens.  Clearly not up to modern quality standards for a macro and is not 1:1 on top of that.   When I get a FF camera it will be for copy work of 2D artwork (oil paintings and drawings).  The 100mm macro would be too long of a lens.  If a got a Canon FF I would prefer not to have to go to a third party to get a macro.

Do you need 1:1 macro for your work? That is, do you ever take photos of paintings or drawings (or details) smaller than 7cm wide? If you do, you probably should be using a longer focal length (at least 100mm), otherwise the working distance will be very, very short, which will be a problem for lighting. If you don't, the 50mm f/2.5 1:2 is an excellent choice: cheap and about as sharp as it gets once stopped down to f/5.6, with great contrast and no distortion.

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