Photo Realism Beckons

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Re: Photo Realism Beckons

brianj wrote:

Using the EX1, the first thing I have implemented is Image Adjust, Saturation +1 as I find the default colour a bit flat.

I have been working out how to get accurate skies and find that the AUTO WB of the EX1 sometimes tends rowards green a sort of torquise, so I am using the Daylight WB and making a slight user adjustment.  From the centre default, I have set it to X=-1, Y=-1.  This turnes out to be equal to 5300 Kelvin if the Kelvin WB is used as a comparison.  Unfortunately this daylight WB is no good for extreme artificial light or nighttime, so in those cases I change back to AUTO WB.  As I do most of my photography in the day this doesn't concern me too much.

Brian, thanks for continuing with finding interesting settings to work with. I'll try your WB adjustment as soon as the weather allows. Saturation +1 is fine, but ever so slightly over the top - and it makes it really hard to preserve highlights in even just modest lightning.

These are all OOC jpg except for the two boardwalks which were taken in backlit mode to increase DR, and also have increased saturation.  Take the time to expand them fully and see the details in these.

The new forums make expanded images look bad. Smudgy, noisy. Not only yours here, but every picture currently posted. On a photo site. What where they thinking?

Also, EXIFs are stripped.

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