Concert photography: Canon 5d or 50d?

Started Oct 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
Alberto76 Contributing Member • Posts: 752
Re: Concert photography: Canon 5d or 50d?

Ian, I have never used a 5D/5DII so I cannot comment on this. My post was more about the fact that it also depends on the environmental condition and on the lenses, not only from the camera. A 50D is surely a very good choice, until June this year I've shot many concerts by using a 7D and a 40D with very good results. The 5DIII just made the things much easier in some situations.



Ian from France wrote:

Sorry i don't agree, i think the 50 would be the better choice, I used a 50D for two years in low light conditions and when I switched to the 5d mk2 I had a real terrible time with the auto-focus in low light conditions, the 50D was so much better; Of course when you can get the focus locked on the quality of the 5Dmk2 is much better, however I've missed hundreds of photos due to this.

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