What pros have NIKON 1 J2 over Sony NEX-5N ??

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Parampreet Dhatt
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Re: What pros have NIKON 1 J2 over Sony NEX-5N ??

I'll summarize the pros and cons of each system.


+ Compatibility with your existing Nikon lenses.

+ Great for fast shooting - 60fps burst mode, 1/16000 shutter speed etc.

+ The 2.7x crop factor is great for shooting at the long end.

+ Smaller and more attractive looking form factor, more compact lenses.

- FT1 adapter for using F-mount lenses is pretty expensive (~$300!).

- Much smaller sensor, more difficult to achieve shallow DOF.

- Not good for wide angle shooting.

- Poor low light, high ISO performance.

Sony NEX-5N:

+ Excellent image and video quality.

+ Tilting LCD.

+ Excellent low light/high ISO performance.

+ APS-C size sensor, easier to achieve shallow DOF and for wide-angle shooting.

- Limited lens availability.

- Bulkier form factor and lenses.

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