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Sammy Yousef
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The problem is not admitting major mistakes were made

What frustrates me is that the problems the admins/developers are complaining about are not new in software engineering and they are not the first people to try to deploy large changes to an existing community. There are a multitude of tools out there for software developers to use, many of them free and very good.

- Bugzilla for bug tracking

- Webunit and Selenium for automated web browser testing

Mistakes happen despite all that, but that's no excuse.

...and there was no reason for a live migration. Shut down posting for a couple of hours or even a day and avoid throwing away people's posts. If you want your work and contribution respected, respect the work and contribution of others, even if it is of a lesser magnitude.

There are countless books on Agile programming, test driven development etc. You don't need to go to the extreme of making these methodologies your religion, but to ignore the state of the art and do things the way they have then be surprised or upset at the reaction is a fundamental misunderstanding of human nature and the nature of the forums they've created. So when I say they are unfortunately out of touch, it isn't just abuse or lack of gratitude. That is literally what has happened here. The right thing to do is not to deny, sulk, be dishearted, or take it out on the users (which to their credit they have theynot so far!). Be proud of what you've done but learn from your mistakes.

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