What "IF" no D300 replacement? What next?

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Re: What "IF" no D300 replacement? What next?

Ronan_M wrote:

I'm not planning to upgrade my D300s in the short / med term. And when I do, I will take a very close look at what's available on the mirrorless front.

Cameras such as the new Olympus OM-D 5 are now providing superb IQ and features and can only get better. I'm kind of tired of carrying around a big camera with big lenses. Sometimes, I find myself leaving the D300s behind and picking up my old D80 with a cheap 28-80 lens as "just in case" camera, which is much better than no camera at all.

For me - a complete amateur- this is the direction I will likely follow some years from now. I dont see a D400 in my future.

I often get my old D50 out, mostly with a SIGMA 70mm f2.8 macro and it does a darn good job. These big cameras maybe on their way out. Somehow I sense a change in the way we take images in a not too distant future. The future has already arrived to some degree (MILC, m4/3 etc.), but I think this is just the beginning of things to come. I am not too worried if a D400 arrives or not but I like to stay with my shooting style (nature, b.i.f., surfing action). The D300s is still plenty good enough for an amateur like me. Do I further invest in NIKON glass? No! It's 'wait and see' time. Good luck and Cheers, Hans

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