Information on my Epson 3880 ink consumption; couple questions

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Re: Information on my Epson 3880 ink consumption; couple questions
I don't know where you got your data from, but even with OEM inks, they should be no where near US$2.35 per 13x19 inches. Your ink costs with OEM ink should be under $1 per square foot. 3880 OEM ink carts are about $50 each.


The print monitor is not working for me yet, so I am just estimating based on the ink levels reported in the LCD menu, 73% for one cartridge, 79% for the next, etc.  I did write down the figures before making these 12, but after doing some test prints and the initial printer setup.  But I imagine the print monitor information will be more accurate.

Epson suggested I connect using the USB cable and see if the print monitor works that way.  I do not have a long enough USB cable so I'll have to try in a few days.  Perhaps you are right that my ink consumption estimates are too high.  If I can get the print monitor working right I'll update with better data.

Which Epson Lustre are you working with? Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster, Premium Luster Photo Paper (260)?

I'm using the Ultra Premium Photo Luster, 240g/m^2.  I have seen Red River mentioned often here.  I'll spend some time on their site and try out some less expensive luster paper.

To be honest, it really isn't worth cutting roll paper to save costs. It is worth it if you can't get the size you want in sheets. 

I'll keep that in mind.  The Epson paper just seems fairly expensive for my needs, but I notice some less expensive cut sheet stock on a few web sites.  I think I will need a trimmer anyway for the other reasons you mentioned though.

Thanks for pointing out the expand button in the print dialog -- I will try it and see if I can adjust the bleed area.  Today I just asked the musician's artist to send me another file with more room for the bleed and it worked just like I had hoped, but I did not know how to adjust the printing to try and correct it.

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