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Re: Agree with solar and Robert.....

I do tend to like the size of the G1X my self.  Between S90 and G11 I went with the G11, so I'm at home with the G1X.  I'd be inclined to replace my G1X with a future iteration if they do something notable such as bump up to a f/2 lens, and I would gladly give up a bit of focal length to have that, being that I rarely use the telephoto end. Unless I'm really lucky I'm guessing the next interation will get the new sensor tech for better focusing, and if thats the main selling point I would pass it up as I rarely take pictures of stuff in motion, so not big deal to me.

I don't really have a need for a pocket camera as I keep my G1X in the car so it's always not far from me, and with the 250D closeup lens always on the issue of close focusing isn't an issue, and niether is the extra size.

When I'm out walking around I actually keep the G1X in my jeans/shorts pocket, and while that may seem impossible, especially with the closeup lens on it, the secret is keep the lens poking out.  I wouldn't try running with it in my pocket like that, but I've hiked many miles like that with no issues.  I have a pic of how I carry it, will see if I can find it.

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