Sony A99 vs Nikon D600 First high iso comparison

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Re: Sony A99 vs Nikon D600 First high iso comparison

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How about we make a friendly gentleman's bet and chat when the camera experts render their evaluations and see if one can't use a combination of brain and eyes to predict (albeit without absolute precision) what the labs will clearly show. I feel that the D600 will have one to two stops less noise (not half the noise mind you) - but iso 6400 on the Nikon D600 will look like iso 3200 to 1600 on the Sony a99. Time will tell. I will wait patiently as Sony usually delays their release dates and obscures any official testing at the good sites like this one.  That is one reason that I started this thread  -so people can see what the manufacture is trying to hide.

Okay here's my prediction: 
Based on DxOMark testing, I predict the Sony A99 will score as follows:

SNR 18%: 44 @ ISO50
Dynamic Range: 14 @ ISO50
Tonal Range: 9 @ ISO50
Color Sensitivity: 24 @ ISO50

+/- .5 points on either measurement.

And I'll predict that the A99 will be tested by DXO to have a "sensitivity" (signal to noise rating; high-iso noise rating) of approximately the same as the D# and 5D Mk III--that is, less than half a stop worse than the #2-rated D600--one of the best ratings ever, while retaining all of the advantages of the SLT. A phenomenally good result. I think that your predictions for dynamic range and color depth are pretty much on the mark.

Word is that DXO has already tested the A99, and that it did very well indeed.

Of course, nothing less than laying waste to Sony and all who oppose him in this endeavor will satisfy the revengeful Ma.

So if someone tells me that 2 and 2 is five and I say that it is four and prove it to them - then I am being revengeful? Please!!!

Look, I love the Minolta-Sony tradition and products. I am also a fanboy but I am mature enough to see that other cameras might have better high iso handling. I have only owned Minolta Sony products until last year and that goes back over 40 years. I have the A700, KM5D, presently and a long list of Minolta and maxxum film cameras going back to the SRT 102 of the 1970's. I have 15 lenses for Sony-Minolta - why would I want to bash them? I have only one concern and that is high iso noise and in truth it seems that Sony is always short in that regard. Check this years consumer reports camera ratings. Look at images or tests from the D3X compared to the A900/850, or the A77 and the D3200.  Incidentally the D3200 costs half of the A77 body price and comes with a VR kit lens and reportedly uses the identical 24 MP sensor).  DXO ranks the A77 with a noise figure of 801 and the Nikon D3200 "cheapie" 24 MP camera at 1131 - far better (now I have insulted a lot of Nikon fans).

I believe Sony has given us more innovations and inventions than any other photographic company in the history of the world. But I am also mature enough to see that one or two parameters might not be at the head of the class. No one else tries as hard to make advances for us than Sony - absolutely no one else - but they put low light images at the lower end of their priorities and that shows up in their images.

OK so you feel that the A99 will come in at 1/2 half stop less than the D600. The rating is generated by looking at the iso rating where the image can still retain a 30 dB signal to noise rating. That yields a very good image. Presently the D600 is rated at 2980. It is a spectacular number. My Sony A700 for instance is rated at 581 and the A77 at 801 (approximately 4 to 5 times worse than the D600.) At 1/2 stop difference that would mean that the A77 would be rated at iso 2000 or above for your prediction for their 30 dB S/N ratio. I will be generous and say that I believe the A99 rating will come in at 1600 or less. Ok that is a good bet. Lets bury the hatchet and wait and see who comes closest. Good luck.

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