Thinking hard about jumping ship to FF

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Re: I understand - FF would be nice

Why are you trying to hide?  If I haven't had one and really wanted FF camera I would also consider buying used Canon. The prices are all over the place and well below 2000$. It seems brand new Canon 5D MK2 is 1800$. You can find used 1Ds MK2 low millage and in mint condition for 1300$. With Canon you get access to extensive used lens market with good chance of finding good deals on great lenses. The mount is also the most flexible of all SLR mounts regarding adapting MF lenses.

My perception is that used Nikon FF (D700, D3, D3x) are more expensive pixel for pixel but if you do not need high MP then they are also below 2000$.

Sony A900 and A850 are mostly in 1200-1700$ range. Problem is that there are not so many sellers but good deals still can be found.

Ultimately it all depends on your photography needs and handling preferences. One advice I could give is to seriously check used camera market. A850/A900 + Zeiss 135 will create better photos than A99 with an empty hole in front.

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