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Re: Sigma DPM1 supplementing X-E1

maple wrote:

Now If I were to start from scratch all over again, my pick would be DP2M + X-E1. Among all sensors, I find Foveon and X-Trans to have the best complementarity with each other. Together they are capable of the highest image quality that’s otherwise only possible with the best of FF. But they make a much lighter package and cost significantly less.


Interesting point, as that is exactly what I will be doing (starting over again).  I sold my 5DII a couple of months back and am sticking with a small M4/3 kit for the time being, but it is a holdover, I am not content with the IQ (E-P3), and have been deciding what to build around.

Almost all scenarios have me going with the X-E1, as I like the colors and rendering of the JPEGs, and the size is perfect, as I travel and work in sometimes difficult environments for carrying around a big camera, but my second camera has gone the full spectrum.  I have considered (in order of likelihood):

Nikon D800E (or D800): Certainly in my opinion the best reasonably sized camera out there, and perfect for my needs (outside of the large size) problem is once you get one, you pour a lot more into the lenses, and I really cannot afford an overhaul of this size (picking up the 14-24, 60/Macro, 85/1.8, and Sigma 150OS or Nikon 180 would set me back 7,000, just beyond my abilities right now).

Sony RX1: Will have to wait for reviews to come out, but if this renders as well or better as other FF competitors, I may spring for it, as it would be both a perfect street cam and a great landscape camera, however, that is only if the sensor and lens render perfectly, otherwise, too much money for a once off commitment.

Sony Nex7: Nice resolution that would seem to compliment the Fuji where it's weakest (landscapes with a lot of foliage for instance), plus the UWA zoom will be out soon.  a Nex7 with the new UW + the two Sigma primes might be a good secondary kit, but the range is mostly redundent with the Fuji range, and not enough different about them to really need the two kits.  Seems unlikely I will go this route (unless the UWA is incredible).

Sigma DP1M or DP2M: Actually, this would be a done deal if it weren't for all the accounts of the batteries lasting under 100 shots.  I do lots of holidays in countries and along hikes where electricity is not easily accessible.  I need to know when I get a battery charged, it will last at least a day.  With a DSLR I'll typically carry at least 4 batteries (if not more), that would mean carrying about 25 and not being able to recharge them all regularly.  A shame really, because it would otherwise seem perfect.

OM-D: Last possibility.  I haven't been sold on M4/3 due to sensor size.  the photos don't pop the way photos from cameras with larger frames seem to, although this camera is supposed to be a step up, and the weatherproofing is nice, plus I already have a decent lens or two, so it would mean a minimal investment.  The 75/1.8 is very attractive to me for its small size and FL.

Outlier: I don't see it getting announced anytime soon, but an excellent X200 would be interesting to me as well... perhaps that with the Nikon D800E...

This is all just me thinking aloud, because I will actually be starting from scratch.  Sorry for the tangent.  Why not just a pair of X-E1s?  Landscape is my favorite thing to shoot, and the fear of the watercolor effect, along with no UWA and no really good long telephotos.


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