The "Not a Spamboy" of the Year Awards

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Re: The "Not a Spamboy" of the Year Awards

Anders W wrote:

At the serious risk of this becoming no more than a demonstration of the existence of a "society for mutual admiration", I second that nomination. I also second most other nominations already made in this thread (my own obviously excluded).

Good to see you contributing your thoughts, Anders. I would take a "society for" (genuine) "mutual admiration" over a culture demonstrably and wholly incapable of ever transcending lizard-brain level "mutual denigration" any day.

Your intelligence and contributions to rational and meaningful discourse represent some of the reasons that I read and post on this forum. You were quite correct when you pointed out that on a technically-oriented forum it is the "what" (as well as the "how" I would add) that transcends the "who" - whether that fact may or may not resonate within the cognitive grasp and personal character of some.

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