ZS15, ZS19, ZS20 ...... help!

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Re: ZS15, ZS19, ZS20 ...... help!

MadMike4 wrote:

I know this topic has been discussed in previous threads.  I appreciate all of you who allowed me to revisit this discussion and chimed in with your thoughts.  Still not sure which way I'll go, but I am scouring for deals.  I'm quite sure I'll be happy with any one of them as I think I have realistic expectations.

Any other opinions are welcome.

I'm very happy with the ZS15, and the fact that's it at a real "bargain" price doesn't hurt

The IQ is very good, close to my old FZ150 in good light (though without RAW or picture adjustments), and my "opinion" is just that, an opinion, that the IQ is slightly better than the ZS19/20 (which has more, i.e. - too many pixels for the small sensor). To my eye, the ZS15 appears to produce more "natural", less processed pictures, but I could be imagining it! It might have more to do with the PP for individual users?

They may be close enough that it may not matter to you, but I also prefer the slightly greater thickness of the ZS15 for handling and stability. Your results may vary, of course. Has the same fast focusing, good HDR setting, and lacks the touchscreen (which I don't want, to prevent mistaken presses?).

Nevertheless, I'm quite happy with the ZS15, and posted some more ZS15 pics here:


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