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Howie Herscovitch Regular Member • Posts: 152
Re: Low light response

OpticsEngineer wrote:

The last low light shot I tried with my SX40 was a black widow spider hanging on its web in a garden shed showing its bright red hourglass marking.  Bright sunshine outside so some decent light was bouncing off the wall of the house into the shed.  I tried everything I could think of but I could not get the SX40 to focus on the spider.  Finally I gave up and got my Sony HX20V and got a good shot right away.

Did you try manual focus? I know it's probably painfully slow but unless the spider was moving around MF should have worked. I don't have an SX40 but I use MF a lot with my SX210.

I am glad to hear the SX50 may be better at this kind of thing.

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