Canon Superzoom Sampler - Birds, Blossoms, and Butterflies

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Re: Canon Superzoom Sampler - Birds, Blossoms, and Butterflies

james tanner wrote:

Hello, Kenn.

I have enjoyed and admired your photos.  It is difficult to believe that you get such superb detail and colors from a P&S camera.  Are you considering acquiring the SX50?

I have borrowed the SX40 for a few days from a friend ... And will buy either the 40 or 50.

Would appreciate any comments/suggestions from you, or any other forum participant, as to why I should not go ahead and acquire the SX50.  I have been away in the dslr world for a few years.  The photos I am seeing here, and the astounding focal lengths are drawing me back for a try with a P&S.

Thanks again for your extensive, masterful work,

Jim Tanner

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Jim from Georgia

Hi Jim, thanks for your comments.

We are indeed considering the SX50. We're following all the SX50 posts with great interest, and the early samples look promising.

best regards,

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