The Oly 45mm has spoiled me, and I don't like my Pany 20mm as much. Is the 25mm a better choice?

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The Oly 45mm has spoiled me, and I don't like my Pany 20mm as much. Is the 25mm a better choice?

I recently purchased an Olympus OM-D with the kit lens, and purchased two of what are considered the best lenses for the system, the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 and the Olympus 45mm f1.8.

Even though I enjoy how compact the 20mm is, and the quality of the images I get from it, I can't help but feel that I enjoy shooting with the 45mm much more.

It feels and acts as a better lens overall: it focuses considerably faster (specially in low light), it's not as noisy when focusing, the images capture, even wide-open are considerably better thanks to the improved bokeh, and the crispness, specially when you stop it down a little, and the focusing wheel is so buttery smooth and easier to use when I want to manual focus onto something.

So I've been considering selling my 20mm and getting Panasonic's 25mm f1.4. It's been said to focus considerably faster. Optically it is considered a better lens than the 20mm, and it doesn't suffer from the banding issue that the 20mm lens currently has on the OMD when shooting at higher ISOs.

Does the 25mm focus considerably faster? Is the focus ring smoother or as smooth as Oly's 45mm?

I'd like to get a second opinion, preferably from someone who has handled both of those lenses.

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