Going to attempt a trade from Nikon to Canon this weekend.

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Re: Going to attempt a trade from Nikon to Canon this weekend.

D700man wrote:

This Saturday I'm bringing my D700 and D5000, Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8G, 80-200mm 2.8D 50mm 1.4G, 85mm 1.8D, 35mm 1.8DX for a 5DIII and hoping for a 50mm 1.2L or version one 24-70L.  I'm trying not to dish out much money on my end.  We shall see.

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Oh man, grass is always greener on the other side of the bank. I know well both systems and here I´m sure you are making a real mistake (needlesly loosing significant amount of money).

Actually, not much can be said against 5DmkIII - yes, it´s a relatively worthy upgrade of D700 if you feel really LIMITED by what D700 offers (which a think is quite ultimate except the undermegapixeled output for really big prints).The AF is supposed to be also slightly advanced but you can be sure the D700 AF is no slouch either (it used to be far the best AF from 2008 up to 5DmkIII intro this year).

But as for the lenses, man...  Optically, the 50/1.2 is even worse than NIkon´s cheap 50/1.4, actually, it is considered one of the most overpriced lenses ever made. Check some reviews if you dont believe me (www.photozone.de for instance). 24-70/2.8 mkI is also visibly worse than Nikon´s 24-70/2.8, no questions about it. Plus there are great sample variaitons particularly with this lens which it is king of (in)famous for this. If 24-70 from Canon, I would definitely save up for the latest 24-70 mkII to pair it with 5D mkIII.

As for the colors + skin tones... What an ongoing bullshxx this is. Yes, Canons have more magenta by default, OK. But if you process RAWs, you can fine-tune colors to your liking easily. I have tons of pics from D700 and 5DmkII and cannot tell any difference in skin or any other colors. A have also A3 prints from both 22mpx and 12mpx and cannot tell the difference either, btw. And I don´t think I have sore or old eyes ;-).

Of course it is your money, make yourself happy if you wish, I´m just sharing my opinion with you, nothing else.

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