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Re: Maybe a better idea for forum names

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

Just an idea:

Having in mind Pentax's penchant for an unorthodox mix of technologies and liberal approaches to photography, I think better idea would be to divide forums by Pentax mounts, because they are faithful to them. For example,

Pentak K-mount cameras

Pentax Q-, 645- and compact cameras

Or something like that.

I switched from an Oly E3 to a K5, with a Kr as a backup.

I got a Q because it's so small you tend to carry it more, and I love that too.

Given the opportunity, I would skip right past a FF and go for a future version of the 645D so I think there is more in common to the three than different. A perfect trio, something for all occasions.

Again, make it official and I will follow the rules. I've spent a lot of time on forums since Compuserve days, so I don't suffer self appointed forum police well when all they do is stifle good discussion.

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