Buyer beware on super telephoto lenses

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Re: Buyer beware on super telephoto lenses

This has probably been said before but IMHO, sending a lens for trade in value anywhere is the worst thing anybody could do. It's just like trying to get a good value for something by going at the local pawnshop. Your dealer wants to buy your stuff cheap so they can resell it fast and still make a good profit. Sell it to a particular, not a dealer ! You will get much more money for it. I regularly see the top Nikon lenses on the used market on ebay and elsewhere go for a few hundred dollars less than the actual value for a new lens especially if the lens is in pristine condition with everything included. Sure it takes more patience and is a little more trouble but it's certainly worth a few hundred dollars or a thousand is it not ?

I'd be curious to know how much your dealer would have got for that lens had you traded it. 6000, 5500 ? That's the money you could have had for it. Why go through a middle man ? There's no point being bitter about it though since you still have it. Sell it yourself.

antonoat wrote:

Approx ten months ago I bought a brand new Nikon 400 f2.8afs vrII lens form Grays of Westminster in London.

After a period of about six months I decided the 400f2.8 was not too practical for my needs so I decided the 300 2.8 VRII would be a suitable replacement.

I contacted Grays to see what they would give me in part exchange, the 400 2.8 was in as new condition, the best they would offer was £4000, bear in mind I had paid £6799 just six months previous.

I was shocked and dumbfounded to say the least, now before anyone jumps on my back

and accuses me of being unrealistic I just want to bring attention to the fact that these super telephoto lenses are in my opinion way over priced/perhaps, but certainly dealer margins/mark-ups are way bigger than many of us suspect and that's taking into account that they have to make a profit on re-sale.

Think long and hard before making such a significant purchase, and realise that you may have spent a small fortune with a particular dealer, at the end of the day it will count for nothing when it comes to trade-in.

This is not sour grapes but considering I could have bought a decent car with what I have spent with them over the years I was totally surprised when I received their meagre valuation.

I have learnt now to spend my hard earned cash more wisely, I wont ever buy from them in the future and will think long and hard before making any significant purchases of camera gear.

You may think what's the point of this thread, it's merely a warning to others to realise

that any camera gear you buy no matter how much the item is supposedly in demand you will lose big time if you want to trade-in!


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