Buying decision HELP: NEX-7 or NEX-6

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Re: Buying decision HELP: NEX-7 or NEX-6

Thank you for chiming in. Your knowledge of the system is greatly appreciated. However, I am still undecided, especially since I have read that the PZ1650 is most likely incompatible with the NEX7 (which was one of the scenarios initially). Unless of course it is incompatible in the beginning and then there is a firmware fix for the older cameras to make it compatible.

As I am looking for a kit with less bulk, I am really skeptical about getting the NEX7 WITH the kit lens (18-55), solely due to the size of the lens. If the PZ1650 is indeed incompatible with the NEX7, then I am limited by the absence of compact versatile lenses for it. Yes, I could get the CZ 24 which sounds like a really good lens and brings out the capabilities of the NEX7, BUT I still have the bulk issue.

Waiting for the NEX6 with the PZ1650 is an option, even if its implementation of phase detection is short of stellar, since I am not really shooting fast moving subjects. If this is likely to be the NEX6's only shortcoming, then I guess I could wait for it.

On the other hand, the TriNavi SEEMS nice (tested it at the store) and I don't think the extra megapixels would hurt...

Am I missing something?

Thanks again guys:)

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