Can't decide which camera, X100 or XE1? help

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Re: Can't decide which camera, X100 or XE1? help

Photozopia wrote:

The XE-1 offers lens options over the X100 ... but then you are in the realm of wanting a 'system' camera, which means the temptation of carrying extra, or larger, lenses - thereby negating the similarly light weight/form factor comparison of the X100/XE-1 in it's 'basic' guise..

That is completely different issue. They are not DSLR FF lenses;-) The lenses are not big. E.g Voigtlander 15mm is so small.

If you carry 2-3 lenses of moderate angles, it is really insignificant weight.

I see the bigger problem: the lenses I desire are not released yet.

14mm, 23mm and 56mm - my dream set for an X camera.

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