Canon G9 replacement

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Re: Canon G9 replacement

Dale Cotton wrote:

CBestwick wrote:

Go here:

For actual raw test shots from XZ-1 at various ISOs.

My own pocket cam is the S100 and I continue to be amazed at its high ISO performance over previous generations of small sensor cameras. When buying the S100 I eliminated the XZ-1 based partly on its larger size but mainly on my mis-understanding it's control ability based on something in the DPR review. Agree on S100's lens speed.

Like you I own an E-P1 and would love to have that extra helping of IQ in a pocketable package, so I've been tempted by the much smaller E-PM1 or the new E-PM2. Is this really less pocketable than a G9? Perhaps lens in one pocket and body in another?

> I did give serious thought to the Fuji but there doesn't seem to be any raw conversion software that does a good job and I'm pretty reliant on raw files for my workflow.

I've repeatedly tried to work with sample raw files from the various Fuji X series cameras in Lightroom and heartily agree re disappointing raw conversion.

Thanks for the link, though disappointingly there are no raw files for the G9 to allow direct comparison; ditto the X10. What does come across is just how good the X10 jpegs are and how far ahead of the XZ-1 it is at higher ISOs (accepting that the XZ-1 raw files will always be noisier).

I appreciate your thought regarding the E-PM1 and splitting the body and lens but I can also imagine the shots I'd miss trying to put the two halves together in a rush. I have actually been giving serious thought to the Pentax Q, though I think it must just have been low blood sugar.

However, I have managed to find a local store that has both the XZ-1 and X10 in stock and they're willing to let me have a play, so I'm popping down tomorrow with my G9 have a shootout and just see how they compare for handling.

Really like the looks of those X10 jpegs though...

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