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Re: Background Blur is related to ratio of Distance / Hyperfocal Distance

I agree that "qualitative blur" is not at all necessarily quantitatively approachable. By the same right, I don't think that one can make a (quantitative) assumption (as you did in the previous post replied to) regarding "how far is far" when you make a general assumtion that the distance to the background subject-matter is much, much greater than the distance between the lens-systems' front nodal-plane and the plane-of-focus. How much is "much" ?

As the Circle of Confusion diameter scales with Sensor Size (in the Hyperfocal Distance and in the Depth of Field identities), and as Merklinger's model is format-independent, the matter of the relation between a blur-spot size (referenced to the sensor/film surface) and the linear dimensions of that active image-sensor (or film) seems to me to take care of itself. Merklinger's model is particularly straightforward (in that it does not require calculating a Circle of Confusion diameter at all, and relates to a Spot Size in "object space" only - and not in the "image space" at the sensor/film surface).

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I guess added some thoughts regarding the above into the other post. Please have a look over there.



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