An answer to "Why does my calibrated monitor look slightly off white on the yellow/brownish side?"

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Congrats on a successful surgery!

I know exactly what you mean, Scott!  I had IOL replacement surgeries on both eyes, although I was only 35 years old when the surgeries were done.  (Long story).  But that was the first thing I noticed as well - whites were actually white and all those years as the cataracts were developing it was like looking though a brown tint - and I didn't realize this until after the surgeries.

But a word of advice from a fellow cataract patient... don't do the other eye unless absolutely necessary (especially if all you are trying to accomplish is color accuracy).  One thing you might not realize yet (since you just had the surgery) is that you lose the ability to naturally focus between close and far.  The IOL implant is a fixed focus lens and cannot adjust to the distance you are looking at.  The muscles around your natural lens expand and contract to adjust to the distance you are looking at.

In a few weeks your brain will natually figure out that you prefer the color rendition of one eye over another and it won't big a big deal keeping your natural lens in the other eye.  On the other hand, there is nothing your brain can do to correct focus if both eyes have IOLs and are fixed at focusing for distance.

I hope this all makes sense!

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