D700 to D600 users......talk to me!

Started Oct 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: D700 to D600 users......talk to me!

I have both> Been using a D700 for 4 years and love it. One reason I bought a D600 is because my D700 are at the 150,000 shutter count and that's not good especially at a wedding if the camera just stops. I feel the D700 is adequate, but it does need an update. The larger file size is nice with the D600 and when magazines are wanting a bigger file to work with, then I feel this is a good fit. From what you shoot I would say the D600 would fit right in. You're not a pro so the camera won't be exposed to the many weather conditions we face as all day shooters. Your work doesn't have the need for demand shooting like weddings, so it will do you just fine. Add a battery grip and you're all set.

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