M9 with 35mm or Fuji X100 dilemma?

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Re: If price is not a consideration....


The difference between M8 and M9 is not Huge.

There are even some users prefering a M8 over a M9 for some specific reasons.

The main difference is just that a M8 is not fullframe and its sensor is around 1,5 - 2 stop worse at higher isos.

Being not fullframe surely make this camera less popular among many Leica users simply because it makes their lenses systems to have exotic focals...which can be unconfortable.

The M8 is still a really great camera, which I own and love, for the simple reason that it has the same coupled optical rangefinder than other M's...and the way you use the camera is just same...and that IS the point: usability and shooting feeling is just awsome.

About pricing I think a M8 is still quite expensive for its age.

On the forums I read, M8 in really good condition are often sold for around 1800-2000 euros (2350-2600 $) body only.

This is quite surprising regarding the fact that...it is not a fullframe camera, it is now 6 years old, it's digital sensor is far to be "acceptable" for most of users who are into the High Iso race (Clean files up to Iso 640).

So...why is this camera still so expensive ? Simply because the point of this camera is not its sensor...it's the way you use it and the user experience. It is simply easy and comfortable for daily use.

Most of digital M users have experience with analog cameras. When you are used to analog...you easily accept, understand and know that you can effectively shoot anything interesting around you even with a 640 iso limitation.

My Leica M8 has provide me the best results I've ever made with any other camera...Simply because it didn't obstruct me during the shooting process.

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